Consumer Raves!

Here are some of the compliments we've been getting for Zendulgence! To submit your own comments, simply write me: Thank you!


Dear Asher,

"I couldn't believe it when I tried all of your amazing hemp gelato flavors. Zendulgence is truly a miracle product. To be so healthy and globally-conscious is a great pairing. Also, each flavor is just bursting!!! My favorite is the Chocolate Mint but they are all delicious... great taste, healthy and in harmony with the earth we live on. it is a pleasure to buy and enjoy your gelato. Thank You!"
— Julie Lopez, Washington DC


"Zendulgence is a meditation of deliciousness. Each spoonful is an invitation to experience a state of enlightenment that brings joy to your tummy and a healthy pleasure to your sweet tooth. There's no guilt involved. So dive in deep and Zendulge!"
— Ananda Leeke, Washington, DC


"Being a die-hard ice cream lover, I had my doubts that any non-dairy gelato could be anything but chalky, icy, or too health-foody (as in 'tastes bad but it's so good for you'.) But Zendulgence is creamy, rich, lick-the-back-of-your-spoon delicious. In a word, let's just say, Mmmmmmmm."
— Winifred R., Berkeley, CA


"I am thrilled that there is now a gelato that is non-dairy, free of refined sugar, gluten-free, AND tastes AMAAAAAAZING! I have been looking for a long time for a dessert that can serve as a stunning finish to a wonderful meal, but is actually healthy. Zendulgence fits the bill. All of the flavors are fantastic. And after eating Zendulgence, I feel satisfied without the negative effects of dairy and sugar. I am recommending Zendulgence to all of my patients."
— Lisa Klein, PT
Physical Therapist, Washington DC


"I am so happy to have Zendulgence in my life. It is wonderfully creamy and delicious! Finally a non-dairy, cow-friendly ice cream with amazing flavor!!! My whole family loves it too. Thank you, thank you, thank you Asher! It is great to enjoy and know that all the cells in my body are enjoying it too."

With Gratitude,
— Lucas L., Washington, DC


"This gelato is brimming with amazingly delicious flavor AND important nutrients. It is creamy, smooth, seemingly decadent, yet incredibly healthy. And, thanks so much for making it gluten-free as well!"
— Michelle, Washington, DC


"Zendulgence: So delicious, it should be illegal!"
— Sumiko, Takoma Park, MD